The mark of a perfect finish is a flawless look and optimal protection. To achieve this in automatic painting lines, several coats are applied wet-on-wet without intermediate drying. After each pass, robots check the fresh paint at numerous points, without making contact. Just seconds remain to approach the measurement point and carry out the measurement. This is the ideal task for our miniature sensors. Weighing in at just 150 grams, they can be mounted on fast, lightweight robots that can handle high cycle rates.

But paints are no longer used solely for decorative purposes. For example, the battery cells of electric cars are insulated with a coat of paint to reliably prevent short circuits and stop the entire battery from scorching. The coating thickness is a safety-relevant parameter that needs to be carefully monitored. All measurement points have to be checked in just a few seconds – precisely the task for our PaintChecker Industrial, which can operate up to eight sensors simultaneously.

All rely on OptiSense