About us

What actually makes a good coating thickness measuring device?

Well, a really good measurement solution not only has impressive contactless, automated detection for use on a wide variety of substrates, it is also very easy to use and delivers highly precise measurement results. A really good measuring solution is fast, compact, light as a feather and supports complete documentation of the entire coating process.

Visionary developers

In order for a coating thickness measuring device to have all of these qualities, a lot of people must have done a lot of work beforehand. For example, they must have processed and tested, according to the highest standards, every PaintChecker device that makes its way to the customer, which is pretty time-consuming. Before this, an engineer has been responsible for intelligent development, anticipating everything that will later guarantee our customers real competitive advantages. Measuring accuracy, ergonomics, expandability and sustainability make the PaintChecker models invaluable tools for your company, now and in years to come.

Master of miniaturisation: Our PaintChecker Tube laser sensor is barely the size of two match boxes

Market leader in miniaturised measurement solutions

And because we have been developing these innovative solutions since 1998, OptiSense is now considered the market leader in miniaturised measurement solutions, the quality and technological excellence of which is renowned. But first things first. When we started, more than twenty years ago, as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute in Bochum, the first prototype was a great success. The PaintChecker model 1.0 was highly innovative, thanks to its infrared technology, which was optimised for robotic applications without cryogenic cooling and was therefore highly sought after by car manufacturers.

Patented product success

Over the course of time, numerous patents have cemented our reputation as an agile innovator, including the unique eye protection in LARES® technology or the dynamic handheld measuring devices – to name just two patented product successes of the many important milestones in our company's history.

With these outstanding developments, our product portfolio also expanded significantly. In addition to mobile devices, our customers now receive a complete service portfolio on request, covering feasibility studies to calibration and maintenance services.

The OptiSense sensor models are eye-safe through our patented LARES®-technology
Whether it's higher transparency, optimized processes, better customer satisfaction or lower error rates - there are many good reasons for ISO 9001 certified quality management

Certified quality management

Consistent quality management is a top priority at OptiSense. The company has long been certified according to the international quality management system EN ISO 9001:2015. Effective quality assurance, the know-how of the employees and rigorous testing methods ensure a sustained high quality level for all coating thickness testing systems and services from OptiSense.

Future-oriented managers

In 2012, we developed from a family-operated start-up into a powerful company that is now run by several responsible managers. This ensures foresight, commitment, increased quality standards and an international focus. OptiSense is now represented worldwide – including in Japan, China, South Korea and the USA.

The operative management: Dr. Jens Heymans
The new OptiSense company building is only a stone's throw away from the previous location

Our passion: photothermics

Back to Germany. Founded in Bochum, we are at home in Haltern am See for almost 15 years. And because our PaintChecker sensors are developed and manufactured in-house – meaning they are made in Germany – we can offer you perfect solutions for even the most unusual applications.

And, in case you are wondering, our name does not stem from the „Ruhrpott” (Ruhr area), but from physics: OptiSense stands for optical sensors, underlining our passion for photothermal coating thickness measurement.

Haltern am See

Haltern am See? It is quite possible that you haven't heard of where we are based. The town of 37,000 inhabitants between the Ruhr and Münsterland is only a stone's throw away from the technology hubs of Münster, Dortmund and Dusseldorf. Haltern am See has an excellent reputation as a local recreation area, an advantage of the location that our employees really appreciate.