PaintChecker TUBE

So light that it can be mounted on any robot arm.

PaintChecker PEN

A mobile, miniature master, ideal for delicate small parts.

Meet Our Experts

From choosing the right system to calibration, we'll answer all your questions.

PaintChecker GUN

The lightweight sensor reaches even tightest places.

PaintChecker ANGLE

The industrial sensor that can measure around corners.

PaintChecker CUBE

Our miniature sensor is the top choice for rough coatings.

PaintChecker TUBE-HP

The tiny HP high-power sensor with extra "oomph".

Our Reference Master

is the highest degree of accuracy and traceability of a measurement.

Maximum miniaturisation in coating thickness measurement

OptiSense is the world's leading provider of photothermal measuring systems for coating thicknesses on a wide variety of substrates. Our innovative PaintChecker solutions include industrial test systems, mobile measuring devices and numerous related services.

Since the PaintChecker sensors are developed and manufactured in-house, we can also offer you tailor-made solutions for the most unusual applications.

All good things ...

come in threes. Our OptiSense portfolio proves that the best things usually come in threes. Whether industrial test systems, mobile measurement devices or services, our solutions are guaranteed to get to grips with any measurement task, no matter how demanding.

Save the date: Powder Symposium Dresden | 14-15 Sept. 2021

"Before it gets really expensive - clever layer thickness measurement" is the title of the OptiSense impulse lecture, in which the considerable advantages of the innovative measurement technology become clear.

The subsequent round of talks with OptiSense Managing Director Georg Nelke will be moderated by trade journalist Marko Schmidt, who will critically examine various positions and compile the facts surrounding the optimisation potential in the measurement of powder coatings.


Mobile and non-contact measurement of coating thicknesses in the process

Sales Manager Sascha Schmidt presents our innovative, mobile measuring devices in the video. They are so intelligent that you can start measuring immediately without calibration - regardless of the coating, surface structure and colour. The bottom line for you is higher process control, a visible increase in quality as well as significant time and cost savings.

Explanatory video 1: Quick Start for your Coating Thickness Measurement

We have created a short explanatory video for you so that you get to know the PaintChecker mobile like the back of your hand:

Explanatory video 2: Clever coating thickness measurement

In this explanatory video we deepen your knowledge about measuring. Let's go:

Explanatory video 3: Smart calibration – made easy

In the measurement process, it is important to obtain accurate and reproducible measurement results. And that's exactly what calibration is for.

Optimise your processes with coating thickness measurements

In the ECOLROMAT digital forum, which was packed with highlights, experts in industrial painting technology presented innovations in rail vehicle painting. In order to be able to follow the OptiSense lecture by Thorsten Merfeld, Head of Technical Support, the conference topics even shortened your lunch break:

If you would like to know how you can optimise your processes with coating thickness measurements, feel free to watch our presentation:

Exciting round of answers at the "Industry 4.0" lecture

What butterflies, mice and elephants have to do with measuring critical points and potential savings in coating is impressively explained by the two OptiSense managing directors Dr Jens Heymans and Georg Nelke in the Q&A session of the webinar "Industry 4.0" by. You can watch the 15-minute webinar recording now:

GSO Oberflächentechnik relies on the non-contact PaintChecker mobile coating thickness testing system

Highest quality with no ifs and buts, that's what GSO Oberflächentechnik is measured by its customers. With more than 1,000 different coatings applied by the Bavarian company every year, this is quite a demanding task.

Guide for free: practice tips for webinars and Zoom meetings

Do you know exactly what to look for to make your virtual presence truly successful? We've developed a little guide for our industry that provides tips to make Zoom meetings and webinars exciting, personal and profitable. If you want the ideal companion for productive online meetings for free, click here: