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Coating measurements: Important information for better quality products.


With diverse test measurements more experience is gained regarding the value ranges achieved by your PaintChecker systems. In some situations you may even like to know more about your production quality.

In this case, why not allow OptiSense to do your coating measurements for you.

We would subsequently determine the whole range of measurement values for you. You will receive exclusive information by which you can rearrange your production systems to be more economical and at the same time improve your coating inspection and quality control. Experience has shown that after the general evaluation of the measurement system is completed, further questions arise which go far further than just the coating thickness measurement system and involves complete plant design coupled with coating concepts and configuration.

The following tasks can be performed for you:

  • Determination of the actual coating quality of the system
  • Statistical studies of single component coatings
  • Preparation of measurement reports
  • Testing of integration options
  • Definition of the technological measurement specification on border applications that lie outside conventional specifications
  • Coating thickness measurement during the running-in period of new facilities or because of necessary parts exchange
  • In-house coating thickness measurements
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