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OptiSense goes Q-DAS

Q-DAS procella user interface – process monitoring that fulfils your wishes

The OptiSense procella user interface is a freely configurable interface to capture measured data on the basis of the familiar Q-DAS process monitoring software.

Via a hardware upgrade, OptiSense offers you the option to serve PaintChecker automation and PaintChecker industrial measuring devices via a Q-DAS procella® interface. This gives our customers all the benefits of a freely configurable user interface plus full compatibility with all other Q-DAS statistics software products.


  • Access on various user levels
  • Clearly organised, standard user menu
  • Feature-based acquisition of measured data
  • Database-supported administration of measured data
  • Compiles complex reports
  • Compatible with other QDAS software products
  • Automated and manual acquisition of measured data

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