All our services offer a clear advantage: You can call on our help exactly where you lack resources or where you need OptiSense's expertise. Depending on your needs, you can choose from our individual modules exactly those important and useful for you!

You receive in-depth feasibility analyses, we provide support during commissioning, offer customized training, rental equipment and our expert helpdesk. These are all modular components that can be booked individually at any time. In addition, we offer scheduled OptiSense services such as maintenance, measurement system analysis and application services.

This allows you to focus completely on your core business. We support your business with services ranging from consulting to comprehensive support modules.

Feasibility Study

Our feasibility studies take several critical aspects into account. We perform various measurements to check whether photothermal coating thickness measurement is feasible from a technical point of view. Here, material properties and physical constraints are key factors.

First, we create a measurement application for your samples. Thus, we can quickly and reliably check whether your metrological requirements, such as the coating thickness range or accuracy, can be met under the desired operating conditions.

Furthermore, it is possible to use traceable samples for the measurement application. Through precise analyses and inclusion of your process parameters, all critical values are determined in advance to ensure compliance with all quality requirements.

Your benefits

  • Avoiding misinvestment
  • Finding the best solution
  • Assessment of possible risks
  • Guidance for a proper decision

Commissioning Support

Our mobile measurement solutions are intuitive to handle. In the training course (see E4), our highly qualified technical staff tells you, how to make the most of the various powerful features.

We are an ISO certified company. So, for sophisticated industrial measurement solutions, we address the commissioning requirements for each individual product already in the pre-sales phase. Thus, when the device is delivered, the installation site is already prepared accordingly. A comprehensive set of functional and performance tests are carried out during commissioning. Our experienced technical specialists will work with you to ensure proper installation and setup of the measurement systems. Workload of your staff will be lowered, installation and commissioning will be accelerated and costs will be reduced.

Our comprehensive know-how protects your valuable investment. We support the proper, professional installation and initial commissioning of your new OptiSense-system – either via remote access or on site, as needed.

Your benefits

  • Operating know-how transfer to your staff
  • Time, effort and cost savings
  • Avoiding false starts
  • Full compliance with regulations
  • Live link to the line for fast and effective commissioning and more efficient support
  • Complete documentation of the commissioning for audit purposes

By the way: Our team is available for scheduled maintenance or extended services of the measuring system during the entire product life cycle.


Our experienced instructors offer in-depth training on all aspects of the OptiSense measurement systems. Your employees expand and deepen their knowledge to make the best and most profitable use of the coating thickness measurement equipment. Our experts know all the little tips and tricks that can simplify your daily work and are happy to pass them on.

Through hands-on learning and in-depth knowledge exchange with our experts, your staff will be perfectly qualified to properly operate, maintain and service the measuring equipment. The training sessions can be tailored and scheduled to meet your individual requirements.

Your benefits

  • Budget security and investment protection
  • Proper handling of the measurement equipment
  • Improved in-house knowledge and know-how

Rental Service

If you occasionally need precise measuring instruments for short-term use, our Rental-Service with a selection of different Paint- Checker instruments is the right place to go. You can rent the test equipment for 14 days or more at favorable rates. You get an Opti- Sense measuring system with up-to-date calibration certificate on time and at the same time save your investment budget.

Your benefits

  • Budget safety and investment protection
  • High availability
  • Always the latest measuring technology


Malfunctions or downtime of the coating line are not only annoying, they can also be really expensive. This is where experience and proven workflows are needed to quickly fix the problem. That's what our Expert-Helpdesk stands for. With sophisticated processes, issues are resolved quickly and sustainably.

Technical questions or error messages are classified and processed right away – by remote access, by phone or by mail. Triggered by this first-level contact, a ticket is created and processed by the specialist support staff in charge. An on-site service team can also be requested to tackle the problem directly at the coating line. They solve even complex challenges quickly and effective.

Our HelpDesk offers quick and easy access to our wealth of knowledge. Submit a request directly to our experts – and be "up and running" in no time.

Your benefits

  • Bundled expertise
  • Fast, efficient troubleshooting
  • Coating line remains operational

Maintenance Service

Periodic maintenance of critical line components is key to avoid downtime and ensure high plant availability. Our experience and skills ensure the proper operation of quality and safety relevant measuring equipment. We will take care of the annual maintenance and functional testing of the OptiSense measuring systems according to DIN 31051. We also perform a Type 1 factory calibration and the important insulation test. On completion of maintenance, all services are documented by a detailed report and an inspection sticker is attached to the measuring system.

Your benefits

  • Optimal device performance ensures safe and smooth operation
  • Detailed documentation ensures full compliance with quality requirements
  • Qualified maintenance protocol for improved safety
  • Budget safety due to precisely predictable maintenance expenditures
  • No creeping reduction in line performance
  • Ensuring and extending the measurement system life cycle

Measurement System Analysis

Since a measurement system is often operated for years, long-term stability is crucial. Periodic measurement system analysis (MSA) – monthly, weekly or every day – is a proven method for validating the performance and stability of a measurement system. It checks whether the measured values represent reality with sufficient confidence and whether a process provides stable results. The Measurement data is analyzed according to coordinated evaluation models and deviation as well as disturbance variables are determined. Finally, solutions are proposed to achieve the required measuring capability. OptiSense offers three types of MSA analysis: Procedure 1 checks the accuracy and repeatability of the calibrated PaintChecker using the customer's reference samples. Procedure 2 checks the operator influence on the measurement results. Once procedure 1 has confirmed feasibility, procedure 3 examines the impact on coating line accuracy. Upon successful completion, you will receive a comprehensive MSA report.

Your benefits

  • Efficient measurement data evaluation
  • Measuring certainty through high data quality

Calibration Services

Our highly accurate, cost-effective calibration services ensure consistent high quality as well as full compliance of your measurement equipment. You can even request us to come to your company and perform the calibration on site. Our calibration experts work with you to optimize all aspects of your measurement system operation.

We maximize your plant performance and improve your product quality at the same time. Our service staff is specially trained in metrology and achieves excellent calibration results with our factory calibrations. After successful final approval, you will receive a factory calibration certificate, a service report in case of on-site service as well as an inspection sticker.

Your benefits

  • Reliable measurement data as an essential prerequisite for any optimization
  • Protection against regress claims
  • Solid foundation for all kinds of quality management

Clear Benefits

  • Expansion of automated quality controls
  • Cross-process analysis options
  • Parameters are precisely recorded, aggregated and documented as real-time data in the production process
  • Always the most modern equipment
  • Optimized processes that run „smoothly“
  • Targeted use of resources
  • On-site service upon request
  • Transparent costs for your budgeting

With OptiSense as your partner, you always have access to comprehensive and high-quality services that are invaluable for new developments, process optimization, quality control and failure analysis.