Performing measurements using a foot switch

Depending on the work environment and measurement conditions, it may be impractical to trigger the coating thickness measurements using the mouse or by pressing a key (F12), because, for example, sample and measuring head need to be hand held, or because the measurement area is too far away from the measuring station.

Before using the device, you must observe the safety notes included in the operating instructions!

This tutorial does not replace the manual!



PaintChecker Automation / PaintChecker Online


The measurement head is installed and the setup procedures were followed: The unit is connected to a PC; the network connection is setup.

If the device or PC are not yet configured, please run the setup procedure first in accordance with the operating instructions

How to Proceed…

Please observe the requirements and follow the directions for use carefully and in the correct order!

1. Installation of the foot switch on the measurement PC

If the PC is not turned on, turn it on now and log in as usual.

Insert the USB plug of the foot control into a free USB slot on your measurement PC.

The installation of the foot switch driver now takes place automatically. There is no installation CD required.

Wait until the message: "The device can now be used" appears at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Initialisation of measurements with the foots witch

Start the PaintChecker Visualization software.

Load one of the calibration settings you wish to use.

Begin the measurement by pressing the foot switch.

Please make sure that the visualisation software interface is active. Otherwise the measurement cannot be initiated.

Please note: After saving or deleting a series of measurements it is necessary to select the required calibration again. Otherwise, the triggering of a measurement by means of the foot switch is not possible.

Alternatively you may start the first measurement of a new series of measurements using the mouse.